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Application Notes

TOC as a real-time on-line surrogate measurement of COD and BOD
InnovOx On-Line Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analyzer provides a continuous analysis of TOC. The TOC values
can be correlated with BOD or COD values, and provide the opportunity to use the regulatory data requirement
for process optimization. In addition, the operator can retain, divert, or dilute discharges prior to causing damage. 
Inadequate Instrument Qualification and Analytical Method Validation Prompting FDA Scrutiny
Many pharmaceutical companies are under the impression that simply performing an
IQ/OQ upon istallation and then a periodic calibration, verification and the USP <643>
system suitability test is all that is required for an online TOC analyser. However, this
may cause serious issues in the future when auditors arrive onsite. Be sure you
understand the latest PQ requirements and USP <1225> 
How to choose the right Thermal Validation System to purchase
What are the REAL questions one should ask in order to maximise value and ensure the users are happy to work with the system you choose? Download the PDF to find out more.

Service & Maintenance Guides

Backflush procedure to clear blockage from sample lines in 900 and 5310C TOC analysers
Should your model 900 or 5310C TOC analyser develop a blockage in the sample flow system, the 
backflush procedure will help you clear the flush with ease.
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Application Notes
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