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Amscorp Scientific

Servicing Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific region

To maximise efficiency of your processes, you need the most accurate data from your analysers and testing equipment.


At Amscorp, we believe that analysers need to be reliable, low maintenance, efficient and backed by outstanding service - after all, that is what Amscorp expects from its suppliers.

To acheive this end, Amscorp Scientific has partnered with outstanding global manufacturers to supply the most innovative and reliable technology available.

What we do....

  • Our range of products come from some of the leading global suppliers in the analytical and testing fields. We are problem solvers and seek to provide you with solutions to your testing needs.

  • Amscorp provides sales, applications support, onsite service and maintenance, user training and onsite validation of our systems throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific region.

What we do

Sievers TOC Analysers are the leading analyser providing unmatched analytical performance, reliability, and ease of use to meet any challenging application.

Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analysis


Thermal Validation Solutions

Lives International manufactures advanced validation systems for temperature, humidity and pressure with FDA compliant software ensuring data integrity.

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Package Integrity Testing

PTI is the leading manufacturer of non-destructive package inspection technologies for the pharmaceutical, medical device and food industries.

Onsite Validation Support

Shouldy you wish to validate your own equipment, we can provide you with the necessary

documentation. Alternatively, we can come onsite to perform IQ/OQ/PQ for you.

Applications Support & Onsite Training

To best support our customers, we provide ongoing product and applications training as well as helping customers develop methods for their applications.

Aftersales Service & Support

We provide both onsite and back-to-base servicing of all products we supply. We maintain stock of consumables and spares in our Sydney based warehouse.

Industries & Applications

Industries and Applications

Online Monitoring Solutions for the following applications/industries:

  • Online monitoring of TOC in the Pharmaceutical, Municipal Water and Wastewater inustries

  • Non-destructive online testing of Package Integrity where 100% inspection of the package is required

Laboratory instrumentation and equipment for the following applications/industries:

  • TOC analysis of Pharmaceutical Water samples with optional autosamplers for full automation - designed to meet pharmacopeial requirements and cleaning validation applications.

  • TOC analysis for municipal and wastewater applications from low ppb levels up to 50,000ppm.

  • Thermal Validation Systems with wireless loggers and dedicated software for validating autoclaves, washers, sterilisers, retorts and manufacturing processes. The perfect solution for pharmaceutical and food manufacturers.

  • Non-destructive Package Integrity Testing that will detect defects and leaks down to 10µm. Suitable for pharmaceutical, food and beverage applications.

Reverse osmosis system for water drinkin

Online TOC Analysis

Online TOC analysers suitable for Ultrapure Water, CIP, Municipal Water and Waste Water.

From 0.03ppb to 50,000ppm.

Suitable for Pharma Industry, Municipal Water and Treatment Plants, High Level Waste Water Applications

Female and Male Scientists Working on th

Laboratory TOC Analysis

Laboratory TOC analysers for Ultrapure Water, Municipal Water and Waste Water.  Fully automatable with Autosamplers for up to 63 samples.

From 0.03ppb to 50,000ppm.

Suitable for Pharmaceutical UPW, Municipal Applications and High Level Waste Applications.

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Thermal Validation

Real time data loggers & software solutions to assist companies in industries such as pharmaceutical, medical, food & beverage as well as biotech to excel in performing effective and efficient thermal validation of their systems and processes.

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Package Integrity Testing

Non-Destructive batch or lab testing of all kinds of packaging systems including tablet blister packs, sterile porous packs, vials, bottles, pouches, cans, bags and more.

Applications in the pharmaceutical, food & beverage industries.

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Online Package Testing

Non-Destructive online continuous testing of all kinds of packaging systems including pouches, Tyvek®

type containers. Ideal when 100% insection is required.

Applications in the pharmaceutical, food & beverage industries.

Web Consultation

Onsite Service & Training

Since 1989, Amscorp Scientific has provided onsite service, equipment maintenance and technical support by our trained staff. Amscorp also provides customers with applications, method development, validation and hands-on training.

Service & Training
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